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Countering Counterfeits: A Business Case Against Blackmarket Medications

America is home to more than 53 million Hispanics, and we play a critical role in supporting our nation’s economy and way of life. Today, there are 4.1 million Hispanic-owned businesses in America that contribute more than $661 billion to our economy each year. With a start-up rate three times the national average, Hispanic businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the small-business sector. To ensure the continued prosperity of our families, businesses and communities, we must prioritize the overall care and wellness of our entrepreneurs and the millions of workers they employ.

One looming threat to our communities is counterfeit medicine. These unapproved prescriptions are increasingly making their way into the hands of unaware patients, posing a clear and present danger to public health throughout America. Likewise, international drug traffickers have recognized the enormous profits from distributing counterfeit medicines and have incorporated them into their illicit trade.

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