Hispanic Businesses & Entrepreneurs Drive Growth in the New Economy

November 10, 2015


New entrepreneurs in the United States are increasingly diverse, with more than 40 percent of current entrepreneurs identifying themselves as African American, Hispanic, Asian or other non-white.

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USHCC and George W. Bush Institute Releases Updated Book on Economic Imperative of Immigration Reform

July 22, 2015


America’s Advantage: A Handbook on Immigration and Economic Growth  WASHINGTON, July 22, 2015 – The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) partnered with The George W. Bush Institute to release “America’s Advantage: A Handbook on Immigration and Economic Growth.”  The book, containing an updated in-depth analysis of the correlation between immigration…

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Doing more on diversity

May 8, 2015

google (1)

Tuesday, May 05, 2015 By: Nancy Lee, Vice President, People Operations, Google When we released the composition of our workforce almost a year ago, it confirmed what many people suspected: the tech industry needs to do a lot more when it comes to diversity. Since then, the question I get…

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National Small Business Week Begins Today

May 4, 2015


National Small Business Week Begins Today By Maria Contreras-Sweet Every year since 1963, the President has signed a proclamation declaring National Small Business Week. Today, at the eMerge Conference in the melting pot of Miami, I kicked off the week by reminding America’s entrepreneurs to “dream big, start small.” The…

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What I Learned From the Hispanic Community About Entrepreneurship

November 6, 2014

Cesar Melgoza

By: Cesar M. Melgoza, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Geoscape OCTOBER 27, 2014 As a Mexican-American who has followed the recent celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, I am very proud of my culture. The Hispanic community has a certain passion that transcends its component cultures and draws in others. The vibrancy…

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Broadband Investment Equals Growth, New Jobs

November 6, 2014


By Javier Palomarez, President & CEO, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) recently released its third annual report on domestic investments of American companies, dubbing the biggest spenders the “U.S. Investment Heroes of 2014.”  Domestic investment is vital to driving economic growth, creating jobs, and…

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USHCC Poll Reveals Priorities of Hispanic Voters

October 29, 2014


U.S. Hispanic voters rank jobs and the economy as the most important issues of the 2014 midterm elections, according to a newly released USHCC national poll conducted by Paragon Insights.

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The Next Steve Jobs is in high school; and she’s Latina

October 28, 2014


By: Omar Duque President & CEO Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Right now the founder of what will become the greatest American company of the 21st century is sitting in her high school physics class. She’s Latina. Her parents immigrated to the United States and she’ll be the first in…

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Wireless Policy Must Encourage Business Growth

October 10, 2014


By: Javier Palomarez Each year when the country celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month, as we are now, it brings a great deal of pride to a demographic that is significantly contributing to the American success story. Hispanic Americans are tirelessly working to support the ideals of perseverance, hard work, and…

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Second Edition: Hispanic Businesses & Entrepreneurs Drive Growth in the New Economy

September 30, 2014


The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the country’s largest Hispanic business organization, advocates on behalf of these enterprises through our network of more than 200 chambers and business associations, as well as over 220 major corporate partners nationwide

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Top 5 Festivals and Events to Enjoy at This Year’s National Convention

September 17, 2014

Oktoberfest at Snowbird

      With the preparation period for the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention in Salt Lake City, Sept. 21–23, coming to a close, we’d like to present five festivals and events for you to enjoy during your visit. Close to convention headquarters:  Garden Tours at Temple Square,…

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Top 5 Extreme Sports to Try at This Year’s National Convention

September 10, 2014

Recreation Biking_A_Barker_5704

    What better way to experience Utah than by enjoying the state’s variety of extreme sports? This week we present you with five options to fuel your adrenaline side while attending the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, Sept. 21-23.   Utah Paragliding, Draper Doesn’t soaring a thousand…

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Top 5 Cocktails to Try at This Year’s National Convention

September 3, 2014


  The cocktail scene in Utah is growing at a rapid pace as new bars, restaurants and distilleries implement a variety of drinks into their menus. This week, we’ve picked five must-try drinks that you won’t want to miss during the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, Sept. 21-23….

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Why Utah? Hispanic Business on the Rise

August 28, 2014


By: Javier Palomarez In 1847, Salt Lake City’s founder – Brigham Young – saw the city and was immediately stricken by its natural beauty; the fortress of high mountains, the bright white snow, green hills, clear rapid waters, and a cool breeze that carried the majesty of all creation. Brigham…

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions to Enjoy at This Year’s National Convention

August 27, 2014

Attractions 1332876033CityCreekGala_JDA_0288

  Rich history and many one-of-a-kind locations make Salt Lake City a fantastic location for sightseers to explore. This week we present five tourist attractions to enjoy while attending the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, Sept. 21–23. Close to convention headquarters: Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City Utah’s Hogle…

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Top 5 Local Eats to Enjoy at This Year’s National Convention

August 20, 2014

Dining Nightlife MarketStGrill_E_Schramm_01955l

  When attending a convention, many people often wonder where the locals eat. We don’t want you to leave Salt Lake City hungry, so let us answer that question for you. This week we present five local eateries to enjoy while attending the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention,…

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Top 5 Outdoor Locations to Enjoy at This Year’s National Convention

August 12, 2014

SnowbirdTram in Little Cottonwood Canyon

  A great way to experience Utah is by exploring its greatest feature: the outdoors! The state is well-known for beautiful scenery and a wide variety of outdoor activities. This week we present five outdoor locations for you to spend time while attending the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National…

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Top 5 Breweries to Enjoy at This Year’s National Convention

August 6, 2014


  With a variety of breweries in the state of Utah, it may be difficult to narrow down which to visit. That’s why we hand-picked five of Utah’s most unique and popular breweries to enjoy while attending the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, Sept. 21–23. You won’t have…

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Top 5 Nightlife Spots to Enjoy at This Year’s National Convention

July 29, 2014

EU thumbnail

Welcome to the Explore Utah series, which examines five exciting locations for you weekly, to enjoy while attending the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, beginning Sept. 21-23. Whether you’re looking for a short walk from The Grand America Hotel, or a nice drive through Utah’s scenic Wasatch Front,…

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Explore Utah: Introduction to the West

July 24, 2014


We hope you’ve marked your calendars because the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention is coming up! Set to take place September 21-23 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the convention will bring together corporate executives, public officials, chamber leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to establish strategic, long-lasting partnerships with America’s…

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My 100-Day Progress Report

July 16, 2014


  By Maria Contreras-Sweet, SBA Administrator   It has been an exhilarating first 100 days on the job. When I was sworn in as SBA Administrator in April, I promised to “get more loans into the hands of entrepreneurs who reflect the diversity of America by making it easier for…

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Visa: Growing your business — Understanding credit to achieve business success

May 28, 2014


Visa recognizes the vital role small business owners play in the economy, and we’ve created this workbook to help you achieve business success. You’ll find helpful information about credit: the basics, benefits and uses, as well as how to build good credit or repair bad credit.

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May 14, 2014


The purpose of this research is to better understand the impact that a re-proposed Department of Labor regulation on the fiduciary status of persons providing investment assistance could have on small business qualified plans, particularly the impact on employees. The re-proposed regulation is generally expected to prohibit retirement plan providers…

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How Hispanic Entrepreneurs are Beating Expectations and Bolstering the U.S. Economy

April 2, 2014


The more than 50 million Hispanic residents living in the United States contribute to the country in countless ways. Hispanics who are U.S. citizens come out in large numbers in the voting booth, often casting the deciding votes in critical state, local, and national elections. Latinos today also account for…

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The Economic Impact of the Landscape and Lawn Care Services Industry on U.S. Latinos

March 13, 2014


The study entitled “The Economic Impact of the Landscaping and Lawn Care Services Industry on U.S. Latinos” examines the landscaping and lawn care industry’s impact upon Latinos. The report was conducted for the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce by the Inter-University Program on Latino Research. The research show the vital…

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Congress Can Get Patent Reform Done

March 13, 2014

Main Street Patent Coalition

By Main Street Patent Coalition  The 113th Congress, along with the few before it, has seldom been described as cooperative or unified. One issue, however, is defying the odds: patent reform. Patent reform is uniting Members of Congress to prevent the continued annual drain of $29 billion on American businesses directly,…

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Federal Suspension and Debarment of BP Jeopardizes Growth of Small Business

February 26, 2014


  By Javier Palomarez If decision makers in Washington finally put policy ahead of politics, 2014 is poised to be a transformative year for our nation’s economy. With 2013 now in our collective rearview mirror, voters and stakeholders alike are looking to the public and private sectors, in hopes they…

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Maria Contreras-Sweet: From ProAmérica, to America’s Promise

February 26, 2014


By Javier Palomarez For Maria Contreras-Sweet, helping America’s small businesses flourish is more than a job — it’s a calling. Her personal journey defies cynics. She is a Mexican immigrant, who arrived to the United States with her parents and five siblings as a young child. Through hard work and…

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Where Is the Vote?

February 14, 2014


By Javier Palomarez What is deterring GOP members from calling a House vote on immigration reform isn’t a ‘trust deficit’ – it’s simply inertia. The release of GOP principles on immigration placed the question of immigration at the spotlight again, perhaps the closest we’ve ever been to finally passing comprehensive…

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USHCC Chairman Emeritus Featured in Cosmopolitan for Latinas

January 31, 2014


By SHIRLEY J. VELASQUEZ For Nina Vaca, the CEO of Dallas-based Pinnacle Technical Resources, a $650 million staffing and IT service provider to Fortune 500 companies, success means seeing other Latinas at the table. At 25, the Ecuadorian immi­grant launched Pinnacle from her living room floor where she made her…

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Hispanic Businesses at the Forefront of the Green Economy

January 22, 2014


The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in our nation’s Hispanic community. Over the past two decades, Hispanics have injected a fresh dose of entrepreneurship to the U.S. economy by starting new businesses at three times the national average. Hispanic businesses are at the forefront of the green economy….

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A Model for Business Development: The Intersection of the Old and New Economy

January 11, 2014

Julian Castro democrats

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Foundation along with Wells Fargo and the University of Notre Dame will open the 2014 nation-wide Chamber Training Institute tour in San Antonio, Texas on January 14 and 15. This program will highlight emerging business forces that make the city of San…

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Hispanics: A Bright Future Fuelled by Access to Technology

January 7, 2014

Internet connection

By Javier Palomarez Last year’s presidential election solidified the power and the strength of the Hispanic electorate.  Never before has a presidential race been so impacted by the nation’s Hispanic electorate, and never again will an American president be voted into office without taking into account the Hispanic vote. Although…

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Why Immigration Reform Matters

December 18, 2013


By U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker This week, I visited the “Fast for Families” tent on the National Mall with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to show our support for passing commonsense immigration reform.

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Untapped Economic & Job Creation Potential

December 16, 2013


  By Omar Duque   It’s no secret that Hispanics contribute significantly to the US economy, but a new report on Hispanic-owned businesses in Illinois shows Hispanic businesses face unique challenges, but have the potential to generate an additional $67 billion in revenues and create 200,000 jobs for Illinois residents….

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Hispanic Businesses & Entrepreneur Drive Growth in the New Economy

December 11, 2013


Hispanic entrepreneurs are America’s business future. This thriving community numbers more than 3.1 million Hispanic-owned businesses, that will together contribute in excess of $468 billion to the American economy this year.

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the country’s largest Hispanic business organization, advocates on behalf of these enterprises through our network of more than 200 chambers and business associations, as well as over 198 major corporate partners nationwide…

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Business woman wins $25,000 award from Verizon

November 15, 2013


Paredes-Oldaker was inspired to apply for the Verizon award after attending a U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce conference in Chicago earlier this year. “I thought, you know, we have a lot of great things going on in Tucson and a lot of great things going on in our community, and…

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CTI Albuquerque, NM: Empowering Hispanic Business Owners

November 6, 2013


In an environment where Hispanic-owned businesses are expanding at unprecedented rates the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Foundation along with Wells Fargo and the University of Notre Dame will host the next Chamber Training Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on November 5 and 6. On the evening of…

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A Budget to Earn the Respect of Latino Voters

November 1, 2013

The Sun Rises Over Washington

By Javier Palomarez and Eric Rodriguez The upcoming weeks of bipartisan budget negotiations offer a fresh chance for Congress to put an end to the brinkmanship and discord and prove to the public that it can govern responsibly and get the economy growing again. Latinos, who have been especially hard…

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The Way Forward on Broadband by Javier Palomarez

October 25, 2013


By Javier Palomarez The House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee held an important hearing this week about America’s transition from outdated communications networks to an all-broadband infrastructure. While the country as a whole will benefit from these much needed upgrades, the transition will have an especially strong impact on…

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Available Now: Comprehensive Immigration Study

October 24, 2013


The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the country’s largest Hispanic business organization, is honored to partner with the George W. Bush Institute on the second edition of Matthew Denhart’s…

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Is Thanksgiving a Hispanic Opportunity? It Should Be.

September 27, 2013

Hispanic family eating Thanksgiving dinner together

By César M. Melgoza If the first rule of marketing is to know your audience, then most marketers are well aware that their targeted audiences have an increasingly multicultural constituent. Spending from emerging ethnicities, with Hispanics in particular, is growing exponentially, as the latest American Marketscape DataStream Report found that Hispanic households are…

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Chicago’s Hispanic Business Community Growing Fast

September 25, 2013

Business Group

CHICAGO (CBS) — They make up a big chunk of the Chicago population and getting bigger all the time. According to the U.S. Census, there were 784,000 Hispanics in Chicago, which is nearly 29 percent of the population here. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker found out more and more are going into…

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September 16, 2013


The results of’s 2013 Hispanic Wireless Consumer Survey have arrived. Perhaps it comes as little surprise that wireless service is becoming increasingly indispensable for communication, internet access, and civic engagement of the Hispanic consumer. In fact, 88 percent survey respondents consider their wireless service as an essential service in…

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America’s Business Trailblazers – The Impact of Hispanic Business Women

August 8, 2013


Throughout the year, the USHCC has the honor of paying tribute to America’s Hispanic entrepreneurs for their outstanding economic achievements and contributions. The most profound stories emanate from the nation’s fastest growing business community, with all evidence indicating the arrival of a new age: the age of the Hispanic business…

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Hispanic Farmers, Cultivating America’s Global Leadership in Agriculture

July 20, 2013


Hard work, faith, family, community, optimism and an entrepreneurial spirit; these are the core American values that are foundational to Hispanic farmers. As the United States continues to lead the world in Agriculture production, the industry’s largest economic contributors are finally receiving well-earned recognition. Hispanic farmers are growing at twice…

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USHCC President and CEO Javier Palomarez featured on ABC News’ “Power Players”, Lists World-Renowned Companies Started by Immigrants

July 19, 2013


Accompanied by the George W. Bush Institute’s Executive Director Jim Glassman and Researcher Matthew Denhart, USHCC President & CEO Javier Palomarez made a strong, economic case for America’s immigrants during ABC News’ “Power Players” interview, conducted by ABC’s Senior National Correspondent, Jim Avila. “Corporations like AT&T, Bank of America, eBay, Google,…

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USHCC and George W. Bush Institute Release Study on the Economic Imperatives of Immigration Reform – Urge Congress to Take Action

June 26, 2013


WASHINGTON, June 25, 2013 – The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) partnered with The George W. Bush Institute to release “Growth and Immigration: A Handbook of Vital Immigration and Economic Growth Statistics.”  The book, containing an in-depth analysis of the correlation between immigration and economic growth, was launched…

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White House and USHCC Host First-Ever Hispanic Business Leaders Forum

June 20, 2013


WASHINGTON, May 30, 2013 — The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) along with the White House co-hosted the first-ever Hispanic Business Leaders’ Forum yesterday. The event convened more than 80 of the nation’s top Hispanic business leaders with senior Administration officials to discuss pressing business issues including job…

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USHCC Urges Congress to Consider Deficit Reduction Implications of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

June 20, 2013


(Washington, DC) The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) urges members of Congress to consider the economic benefit of passing the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, commonly referred to as the “Gang of Eight” bill. In a report released yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates…

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USHCC President & CEO Named Among Top 100 Green Business Leaders in the Country

May 19, 2013


Javier Palomarez, President & CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), has been named among the top 100 Hispanics leading the charge on environmental issues, according to Poder Magazine. The list—titled “100 Latinos Green Leaders”—is comprised of political figures, business leaders, government officials, journalists, academia and heads…

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USHCC President & CEO Javier Palomarez Discusses Importance of Latin American Trade Relations with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden

May 19, 2013


USHCC President & CEO Javier Palomarez met with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and senior administration officials on April 29 to discuss the strategic goals of the Hispanic business community, including strengthening U.S. trade relations with Latin America. The talks came ahead of President Obama’s trip to Mexico…

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USHCC President & CEO Javier Palomarez Meets with Vice President Joe Biden, Stresses Economic Benefits for Immigration Reform

May 19, 2013


During the visit, Palomarez highlighted the flaws of our country’s current immigration system, calling it outdated and broken, and warned on how it jeopardizes business. The current system, he cited, discourages foreign entrepreneurs from investing in our economy, disallows hard workers from becoming fully integrated tax payers, and prohibits the…

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