Hispanic Businesses at the Forefront of the Green Economy

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well in our nation’s Hispanic community.

Over the past two decades, Hispanics have injected a fresh dose of entrepreneurship to the U.S. economy by starting new businesses at three times the national average.

Hispanic businesses are at the forefront of the green economy. The USHCC Foundation’s “Green Builds Business” program has played an active role in encouraging entrepreneurs to incorporate green practices into their business models. As a result, businesses are learning how ‘going green’ can help them save money, keep operational costs down, boost sales, and create prosperity for communities across the nation.

Nationwide polls have shown  that the Hispanic community overwhelmingly supports policies that protect our environment and propel the development of green technology. The USHCC Foundation is committed to continue teaching Hispanic business-owners how green practices are not only socially responsible, but can also prove to be profitable. Through effective programs, strategic partnerships and increased awareness, the business community can work together to advocate for practices that protect our environment and grow America’s small businesses.

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