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The results of’s 2013 Hispanic Wireless Consumer Survey have arrived. Perhaps it comes as little surprise that wireless service is becoming increasingly indispensable for communication, internet access, and civic engagement of the Hispanic consumer. In fact, 88 percent survey respondents consider their wireless service as an essential service in their everyday life.

The survey results show that 94 percent of Hispanics are satisfied with their wireless service. Fifty-one percent of Hispanics say that having a wireless phone is more important than other communication devices. In fact, more than two-thirds of Hispanics polled already have (30 percent) or would consider (39 percent) giving up their home landline phone and only use a wireless phone.

When asked about taxes and fees, 96 percent of survey respondents think the tax rate on monthly wireless service should be the same or lower than the taxes they pay on general goods and services. More than three-quarters (78 percent) of Hispanics support a five-year freeze on new wireless taxes and fees.


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