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Statement from USHCC President & CEO, Javier Palomarez on President-Elect Trump

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Michael Cohen, EVP & Special Counsel to Donald Trump: with whom I’ve had extensive contact throughout the Campaign. I extended our congratulations on Mr. Trump’s victory in his bid for the Presidency on behalf of our organization, and offered to work together, as we have done with every Administration, on issues relevant to America’s small business community. I am pleased at the Campaign’s willingness and pledge to collaborate with us on areas where we can advance a pro-business agenda, while continuing to pave a path toward a more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous America that will lead to the creation of more businesses and jobs across our nation.

On November 8th, the American people elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The issues central in this election were our broken immigration system, jobs, and the economy. Our organization is committed to rolling up our sleeves and working to solve these issues with our President-Elect. Our country works best when we all have the opportunity to succeed, and we recognize that America’s diverse communities deserve to share in the prosperity they help to build.

We urge members of Congress to also lead with an open mind for a better tomorrow. We must also remember just how far we’ve come, and safeguard the progress we’ve all made together.

We encourage the country to support our President-elect and to exhibit tolerance, sharing the belief that our prosperity is built on hard work, accountability, and a positive vision for our future.

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