USHCC 2018 Local Chamber Grant Winners

The Local Chamber grant program provides local chambers access to funds each year for existing programs, that strengthen and foster the growth of small business communities. Multiple grants ranging in size are awarded to local chambers who continue to serve their members and local business communities. These funds have supported a variety of programs, spanning from empowering entrepreneurs, promoting green energy, and advancing diversity and inclusion.

The 2018 Local Chamber Grants would not have been made possible with out the generosity of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USHCCF).

Read about our 2018 winners below!

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (AZHCC) was awarded a USHCC Local Chamber Grant for its thrilling entrepreneurial spirited youth program, “YEA!” (Young Entrepreneurs Program). “YEA!” is an after school program for high school students aimed at developing business ideas, business plans, helping students craft and conduct market research, and pitching plans to investors. Additionally, the program helps students formally launch and run their own legal and fully formed company, and social movements. Since its beginnings five years ago, the program has been highly successful, significantly investing in the business future of Arizona.

The Arizona public-school system is currently facing budget cuts and lacks sufficient funds to adequately prepare young entrepreneurs for the future. Seeing the need for change, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce took the initiative to create a better future for the state. Through the establishment and enactment of,”YEA!”, AZHCC is creating a pathway for students to showcase their skills and talents while uplifting the community.

From recognizing the flaws in public education to initiating YEA! AZHCC has showcased their genuine investment and commitment to the Hispanic Business community.


Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GDHCC) was awarded a USHCC Local Chamber Grant for their new program, the ESL (English as a Second Language) Entrepreneurship Program, which aims to help Spanish speaking entrepreneurs overcome language and cultural barriers as they open their new business.

The GDHCC recognized the inherent difficulty in starting a business in the United States for those with a language barrier. This program will help entrepreneurs learn the fundamental steps associated with starting a business. They also provide an overview on running a business and ensure that they maintain compliance with laws, regulations, permits, and more.

The program will also provide mentorship and support along with one-on-one assistance and guidance to program participants. Finally, the program works with participants to develop a management work plan to help participants develop English proficiency by learning business terminology to better communicate with different markets.


Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC) received a Local Chamber Grant for the continuance of its Small Business Technical Assistant Program (SBTA). This innovative program focuses on neglected commercial corridors in low and moderate-income areas in their region, by pairing business owners with business consultants. These experienced consultants assist Hispanic entrepreneurs by reviewing their business plans and offering one-on-one technical assistance. The consultants work with the business owners in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: licenses and registration planning; access to capital; accounting; financial planning; and legal assistance. The program also connects business owners with other regional agencies like DHCD, DCHL among others.

The Technical Assistance Program’s goals are:
o Improve and retain existing small businesses
o Guide start-up entrepreneurs to begin and grow successful enterprises
o Draw more local customers to small independent businesses
o Connect business to certification opportunities
o Create job opportunities


Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCCNJ) received a Local Chamber Grant to continue their Hispanic Entrepreneur Training Program (HETP). This program’s mission is simple: to provide free culturally and linguistically appropriate business education and mentorship to Hispanic small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

This HETP program is targeted to Hispanic Small Business owners with five years or less of business experience, and aspiring entrepreneurs throughout New Jersey. The program provides classes, which can be translated into Spanish, that are instructed by experts in their subject-matter with real-world experience and have successful track records in their fields. Additionally, students are afforded the opportunity to be assigned a mentor to help them effectively implement strategy and cultivate ideas.

This year the program is expected to serve 30-35 Hispanic small business owners and entrepreneurs. The program works to empower the community with skills to become self-sufficient and financially stable through the successful creation and maintenance of a Hispanic-owned business. After the program ends, graduates continue to have access to the mentoring services and the support of the SHCCNJ.

Congratulations to these amazing Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, we are proud to recognize their commitment to the Hispanic business community.

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