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USHCC Endorses Hillary Clinton

Friends and supporters of the USHCC:

After careful consideration, consultation, and deliberation, the USHCC has decided to move forward with the endorsement of Secretary Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States.

Such an endorsement is unprecedented for our organization … as such, the decision was not taken lightly. In an election season unlike any other, our ability to remain nonpartisan was tested as never before. We are at a momentous time in our nation’s history. Never before have the choices facing America been as stark as they are today.

Two vastly divergent visions for the future are presented by the front-runners of the leading parties in our country. On one side, we have seen a candidate who has openly mocked and marginalized women, Hispanics, veterans, African-Americans, Muslims and the disabled, while turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the dangerous undercurrents of antisemitism and homophobia emanating from his campaign and his followers.

In Trump we find a candidate who stokes fear at home and invokes foreign authoritarians as his role models for strong leadership. We cannot stand silently in the face of a campaign that is intent on dividing our country by pointing fingers and assigning blame for America’s problems to entire creeds or ethnic groups. This is not our way … and it isn’t the American Way.

The Trump campaign is the antithesis of American values, and we must not allow the candidate who espouses these dangerous ideals to reach the highest elected office in the land.

We have the opportunity this November to make history and choose a different path forward, setting a course for America that is based on inclusiveness, acceptance, compassion, and unity. There is only one candidate in this race who is such as standard bearer — for optimism, openness, opportunity and dignity, not fear and divisiveness. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

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