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USHCC Opposes Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) formally opposes the steel and aluminum tariffs to be implemented July 6th. These tariffs to do not protect American jobs or industries. On the contrary, they ostracize key economic allies and create the risk of an escalating trade war.

“We should be working with Mexico, Canada, China, and the European Union to help American companies remain internationally competitive. Instead, we are hurting our own economy by choosing to inhibit the free trade that our businesses depend on,” said USHCC Interim President & CEO Fernand Fernandez.

“America’s largest trading partners are already retaliating with tariffs of their own. Canada has imposed tariffs on all American-made products, already amounting to $12.6 billion. This trade war is preventable; we simply must reverse course. On behalf of the USHCC, we request that the Administration reconsider the steel and aluminum tariffs.”

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