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USHCC Statement on President’s Address to Joint Session of Congress

After hearing the President’s address to congress, we were encouraged by President Trump’s willingness to tackle burdensome regulation, that impedes growth for America’s small. business community.

Further, we were heartened by the president’s commitment to lowering the corporate tax rate, allowing American corporations to better compete in an increasingly global economy.

The president’s willingness to remove barriers for our oil and gas industry was also a welcome sign. Doing so will allow increased exploration and investment in this critical sector.

Finally, on immigration reform, we join him in urging congressional leaders to come together and find a compromise solution. At the USHCC we see immigration reform as an economic imperative for the continued well-being of our nation.

“We commit to working with the administration and congress to move our nation forward” said Javier Palomarez, President and CEO of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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